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Data Subject Request Forms

Data Subject Request Guidelines

Community & Workers of Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union Limited, (C&WJCCUL) will take reasonable steps to ensure that the processing of our members’ personal data is compliant with Jamaica’s Data Protection Act, 2020.

What is a Data Subject Request (DSR)?

A Data Subject Request (DSR) is any request made by an individual or an individual’s legal representative for information held by the Credit Union about that individual.  The Data Subject Request provides the right for data subjects to see or view their own personal data, request copies of the data, or have certain actions taken regarding their data.

How do I file a Data Subject Request (DSR)?

A data subject, based on the request being made is required to complete and sign any of the below forms. To be able to respond to the Data Subject Request in a timely manner, the data subject should, along with the Form provide the Credit Union with sufficient information to validate his/her identity (to ensure that the person requesting the information is the data subject or his/her authorized person). 

Which form should I complete?

A data subject can utilize any of the below mentioned six (6) forms to make a request of the Credit Union. Depending on the request of the data subject a fee may apply to this request.

  • Form 1 - Delegation form: This form is used by the data subject to delegate an individual who will act on his/her behalf in exercising their right as a data subject.
  • Form 2 - Application for access to personal data form: This form is used by the data subject to request their personal information from the data controller. The data subject can also request for their personal data be sent to another data controller other request as is stated on the form.
  • Form 3 - Notice to prevent processing form: The data subject may use this form to request that his/her data not be processed by the data controller.
  • Form 4 - Notice to prevent automated decision taking form: The data subject may use this form to request that the data controller not use automation alone to make decision(s) concerning him/her.
  • Form 5 - Request for the consent of a data subject to process personal data for the purpose of direct marketing: A data subject may use this form to give or withdraw consent from the data controller.
  • Form 6 - Application for rectification of personal data: This form is used by the data subject if the subject’s data needs rectification.

What to do once the form is completed?

Once you have completed the form, the form, in its original state, along with a valid government issued ID, should be submit to one of the Credit Union’s branches for verification and processing. Once received, your form will be routed to our Data Protection Office for processing.

Is there a cost for fulfilment of the request?

There is no cost for you to submit a data subject request and in most cases, the information you requested will be provided electronically. If you request information to be provided in other formats, this will likely attract a fee. There may be other types of requests that are subject to a fee. In such an instance, you will be contacted by the Data Protection Officer.

For further information please direct your queries to our Data Protection Officer (DPO) at