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An individual can join the credit union if he/she meets the requirements for our bonds. Click here for detailed information on how to become a member. 

To verify that you are an employee of a Telecoms subscriber. Note, the last two months payslip can be used.

A total of J$2,600.00 is required for opening an account of which J$2,000.00 is your Membership Share.

Yes you can join as an ex-employee of a Telecoms subscriber.

You can bring the last two for the membership process. However, you will need the last three if applying for a loan.

Your Driver License will suffice as long as it has not expired.

Interested in Hire Purchase Loan? Get an invoice from a registered merchant for the furniture or appliances you would like to purchase. Next make an appointment at any of our Branches to speak to a loan officer. Visit our website and review the required Documents for Loan Interview.

You are not required to have savings in shares in order to qualify for a loan. However, for some loan types you are required to have Share Equity.Share Equity is usually deposited in the shares account.  Ask your Loan Officer if your loan requires Share Equity Deposit.

In order to acces the Salary Advance Loan your net salary must be coming to the Credit Union for at least four months. Next you visit one of our Branches with the last three months payslips and speak to a Customer Service Officer.

The Debt Consolidation Loan is for the purpose of paying off a loan with another Financial Institution or a Credit Card.

The Back To School Loan is for paying school fees and purchasing books. Make an appointment and take in your invoice along with the other Documents for Loan Interview.

You are eligible to apply for a loan 24-48 hours after becoming a member.

Make an appointment at one of our Branches and speak to a loan officer to determine your eligibility for a loan.

This is not necessary but you can do so if you choose. Loans are salary dedcuted, therefore a salary deduction must be in place before disbursement.

Vehicles up to ten (10) years of age can be used as collateral.

Visit our webpage for our list of Approved Valuators.

No. Motor vehicles do not need to be purchased from a licensed used car dealer.

The money placed in your shares every month is called the mandatory savings.

Membership is required before all services provided by the Credit Union can be accessed.

Processing for loans take a minimum of 2-3 days or a maximum of 5 working days.

Vist any of our Branches and speak to a Customer Service Officer.

First you must have a Salary Deposit account as the card gives access only to funds in that account. Once this is in place visit our Head Office or our Branch at East Parade and speak to a Customer Service Officer.

No you do not have to save a certain amount every month in your account but you should maintain the minimum balance of $100.00.

Call any of our Branches and speak to a Representative about our rates and other saving products we offer. Help us to help you identify the product suited to you.

Just like magnetic-stripe cards, EMV cards are processed for payment in two steps: card reading and transaction verification. However, with EMV cards, instead of swiping your card at the Point of Sale terminal, you may have to do what is called ‘card dipping’, which means inserting your card into the Point of Sale terminal slot and enter your PIN.

Our Mastercard are Europay, MasterCard® and Visa® (EMV) cards — which is a global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions. In the wake of increasing rates of counterfeit card fraud, we have migrated to this new technology to protect consumers and reduce the costs of fraud.

It is that small, metallic square you’ll see on new cards. That is a computer chip, and it is what sets it apart from the traditional magnetic-stripe only cards. The magnetic-stripes on traditional debit cards contain unchanging data that are easily cloned by counterfeiters.

Unlike magnetic-stripe cards, every time an EMV card is used for payment, the card chip creates a unique transaction code that cannot be used again.

A personal identification number (PIN) is a 4-digit number that is required to complete a financial transaction.

You may collect your Debit Mastercard at the C&WJCCU branch you indicated at the time of applying

You may use this card anywhere Mastercard is accepted, to do purchases and withdrawals from your account.

Maybe. You will have to do one of the two verification methods, but it depends on the merchant at which you are using your card.

The merchant determines whether you are required to enter your PIN or use a signature for the transaction.

Yes. The expiration date can be found where you have “Valid Thru”. Example is “Valid Thru 01/21”, where the “01”represents the month January and “21” represents the year. Therefore, the card will expire January 2021.

Any currency, however, your account will be billed in the Jamaican dollar equivalent

ATM: $60,000.00

POS: $200,000.00

Yes. Simply visit any of our branches and speak with a representative who will assist you.

No. You may visit any ATM worldwide that accepts Mastercard, however, some ATMs charge higher fees. As such, we recommend BNS, NCB or Sagicor Bank ATM to withdraw cash. FCIB is an option but this bank will charge you an additional $5USD to withdraw funds.

· Visit Multilink ATM that accepts Mastercard (e.g. BNS, NCB, Sagicor Bank)
· Insert card into machine and enter 4-digit PIN
· Choose ‘Withdrawal’ and then choose “Savings Account”
· Enter Amount
· Retrieve the card, take cash and receipt

Yes, as long that Point of Sale terminal accepts Mastercard.

You may not have sufficient funds in the associated Debit Mastercard account. Check your available balances via the C&WJCU Mobile App or logging into Internet Banking.

Yes, transactions in any currency can be processed on card. The equivalent JMD amount will be debited from card account for the transaction. Exchange rate is subject to change.

This number is the card’s CVV /CVC number. It is a security number used when doing online transactions.

Yes. You will receive both an email and text alert.

Log into Internet Banking or use the C&WJCCUL Mobile App to view your associated account’s balance. If you experience problems logging in, use the ‘Forgot Password’ option or contact us via email at or call us at 876-936-3800.

A convenient and safe payment method that allows cardholders to tap and wave their cards over the POS machine.

· Look for the contactless symbol on the terminal
· Wait for the merchant to start the transaction
· Tap to pay at the terminal
· If the purchase if over USD$50/JMD equivalent, enter PIN and sign.

Yes. Contactless is as safe as Chip and PIN payment with secure encryption technology.

You will only be billed once even if you tap multiple times.

There is a limit on contactless transactions for security purposes. If the transaction is over USD$50/JMD equivalent the merchant will ask you to enter PIN, insert card or sign.

For security purposes, you will need to make one Chip and PIN signature transaction before you use your contactless card. As an additional security feature, you will be asked to insert your card and enter PIN or provide your signature occasionally.

Contactless payment is very convenient and allows for transaction times to be 10 times faster that swiping your card.

You can insert the Chip end of your card in the terminal with the Chip side facing upwards. For merchants who have not yet implemented the Chip and PIN facility, the card comes with a magnetic stripe for you to swipe.

If your card is lost or stolen, please contact C&WJCCUL immediately by calling 876-936-3800 or sending an email to Your account will be verified and a C&WJCCU representative will immediately de-activated to avoid any unauthorised usage. The C&WJCCU will help you replace your lost or stolen card.

$500.00 plus GCT

You should immediately call C&WJCCUL at 876-936-3800 and our qualified representatives will assist you through the process.

The fees are associated with the member account you have identified to link to your Debit Mastercard. Fees are dependent on the option you choose whether a monthly fee or per transaction fee structure.

For merchants that require a billing address, you may use the shipping address or your own local address in Jamaica if it’s accepted.

If you opted for the per transaction fee structure, you will not have to pay any fees during the inactive period. However, if you chose the monthly fee structure, you will still be required to pay the small monthly fee.