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Family Indemnity Plan

This is an insurance plan that provides a lump sum payment on the death of any one of up to six family members for one low monthly premium. This plan is offered by CUNA Mutual Insurance Society and allows members to choose among six (6) affordable options:


Plan Individual Benefit Monthly Premium
A J$80,000.00 J$422.40
B J$120,000.00 J$633.60
C J$150,000.00 J$792.00
D J$250,000.00 J$1320.00
E J$400,000.00 J$2112.00
F J$650,000.00 J$3,432.00
G J$1,000,000.00 J$5,280.00



  • Provides a source of funds to take care of funeral expenses in the event of their death.
  • Provides a source of financial security for loved ones or family members after ones passing.
  • Each plan covers up to six family members for one monthly premium

 Key Features & Characteristics

  • Members must be the first person covered on this plan.
  • Covers spouse, parents and children.
  • Easy enrollment and payment plan.
  • Provides flexibility by offering five (5) different plans.
  • Member has the option to rename insured person.
  • Benefits will be paid on the submission of death certificate as proof of the death of the insured.
  • In the event of the member's death, insurance under this policy may be continued by any of the adult members covered by the plan.
  • No medical required.